"The best marketing of all is happy clients"







"I needed workbooks created for my course material. Courtney took the content I had created with my brand in mind and created beautiful workbooks that my students can follow along with easily. I have recommended Courtney to several friends and will recommend her to anyone else, too!"

Teany Hidalgo
CEO of Purpose Driven Revolution

"I did not have the time to put together my course, or finish developing the materials, so I invested in Courtney to help me. She was super flexible and easy to work with. She executed my vision flawlessly! Courtney provided high value for an affordable price. My main concern was turn around time. I had pre-sold my offer so I had a time crunch on my hands. But, in a quick, flawless manner, she took my ideas and executed them, giving me super high quality content. I would highly recommend her for any course creation needs anyone may have! Expert status = Courtney!"

Holly Upshaw
Online Business Manager

"I didn't have the time or knowledge to upload my course on my chosen platform. Investing in Courtney was great because I didn't have to worry about the tech stuff! Courtney is knowledgeable, talented, and makes stuff happen! She saved me so much time and money by outsourcing my course creation to her - which allowed me to get my course up and launched SO much quicker!"

Lien Potgieter
Colour Coach

"Excuse me, I need to blast some gratitude for Courtney Michelle right now. I have literally been trying to customize my kajabi domain since July. It's won several times. It urks me. Just one of those small energy leaks that I have this complicated long ass URL! Not anymore!!! I know it's such a simple thing to most but I HATE TECH. She did this in 2.5 seconds on THANKSGIVING out of the goodness of her heart. And I had literally never spoken to this woman before. Like, thank you. I love you. Now go stalk this Kajabi expert. Lol"

Nisha Ryan
Business & Life Coach

"I hired Courtney as a Webinar Tech/VA. I didn't want to go through my live webinar without help and Courtney was there with her customer experience and to manage the chat. The thing I appreciated the most was Courtney's encouraging, positive attitude. I was beyond nervous, but she was so positive and made me feel at ease. I will be hiring her for my next webinar!"

Tracy Ireland
CEO of FreshYachts

"I love Courtney's strategic and intentional way of doing things! I love that she is methodical and does not rush! I am loving how things are looking already!"

Joy Hansen
Life Coach

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